North Wales Wedding Videos

Quality Assured


With a diverse range of video skills, experience and accredited with the Institute of videography, you can be assured of receiving your video production at a professional standard when using our services. We are also fully insured with public liability insurance and Indemnity which means that we are covered in the unlikely event of damage, injury or if something went wrong which was beyond our control.


Our Award Winning Wedding Videos

Its the most important day of your life; a day which is unique and unrepeatable; a day that will pass so very quickly. Capture the sparkle, the atmosphere, and see and hear the day in high quality moving pictures and sound. Relive your memories time after time, with a wedding video from North Wales Wedding Videos.

Whether you choose our Classic or Deluxe package, we provide you with a high quality DVD that includes all those memories you’ll want to keep forever: from the bridal preparations, to the giggly bridesmaids, the nervous groom, those important vows, a storm of confetti, and the best man’s speech, and not forgetting, a dance to remember! – all brought together in a carefully crafted film to treasure.

We allow you to choose which parts of your day you would like to be filmed for your special dvd; you can even contribute ideas to the creative process and choose your favourite background music. Alternatively, sit back, and let our experienced editor join those magical moments together and blend a mix of popular music to fit the excitement of the day. Whichever you choose, you have control over the content, style and more importantly, the cost of your DVD which we know is very important.

The cost of our wedding videos start from £350 with our most expensive packages not costing more than a £1000 (larger companies charge considerably more than £1000 for the level of quality and service we achieve). If you are undecided about having a DVD professionally produced it is worth considering that many brides regret not hiring a videographer due to poor quality video and sound recorded by relatives and friends. Even the latest home HD cameras do not capture picture and sound as well as professional equipment. We use two broadcast quality cameras (Canon XL H1A ) and several microphones to produce a stunning production.

Types of Wedding Ceremonies Covered

We provide our wedding video services for all civil and religious ceremonies from any background and belief. We are also happy to cover any themed (Star Wars, Doctor Who… you name it we’ll film it) or untraditional or bizzare wedding! No matter how you intend to get married we respect your wishes and are happy to follow your instructions to film your special day.



Our Completed Wedding Videos

You can choose to have your DVD produced as a Standard Definition DVD or as a High Definition Blu-Ray Disc. The completed Wedding DVD and presentation case are printed images taken during your wedding day, as shown in the photograph above. Most Wedding DVDs have an average of 50 to 90 minutes running time dependent on the type of video package and wedding ceremony you choose. The DVD also includes a personalised DVD Menu allowing you to quickly access different parts of your wedding day. In total we provide 3 copies of your DVD, one as presented above and two spare copies provided in plastic wallets. Further DVD’s and Presentation Cases can be purchased at an additional charge.

(HD) High Definition or (SD) Standard Definition


New technology has recently seen the introduction of High Definition so why not put that HD Ready TV to some use and have your wedding produced in High Definition where the picture becomes reality. Or, we’ll film it in HD and then convert it to Standard Definition so that you can watch it on a standard DVD player. (You will require a Blu-Ray player to watch HD Films, contact us for further details).


About the Wedding Videographer

David Pearson graduated with a degree in Performing Arts in 1995 from the University of East Anglia. For almost ten years David has worked extensively across North Wales producing and directing stage and video productions in education for pre and post 16 pupils. He also has an extensive knowledge and experience of television production practice and when his busy schedule allows, enjoys working as a supporting artist, most recently appearing in BBC Wales’ Doctor Who. Over the last few years David’s videography work has extended rapidly as a videographer and freelance wedding videographer for prestigious wedding photographers, education authorities, music websites and as events videographer for the worldwide famous Trelawnyd Male Voice Choir.

David Pearson Videographer